The story of the two Paul’s.

The Story of the two Paul’s.

“A few weeks ago, my younger brother and I were visiting our mother at her nursing home. During the conversation, I glanced up and saw this image of my brother (on the right) across the room. I remembered taking it and how much it reminded me at the time (as well as now) of a portrait I took of our father over 25 years ago (on the left). When I juxtapose them now, I of course see the family resemblance between them, but I also see myself in the two portraits; I see my signature photographic style. Doing impromptu portraits with available light and not fussing around with a ton of gear has become a trademark of mine and one of my favorite ways to shoot.


The Story of the two Paul’s.







Camera: Dad: Hasselblad with a 150mm lens, film Kodak Plus X, ISO 125 shutter 1/125. Studio with a two strob-lighting set-up

Camera: Brother: Sony 7RM II and a 50mm Lens at 6.3 shutter 1/125, and ISO 1600. Available window lighting


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